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Intro: This blog is specially designed by zaki yamani & myself so that 8993 batch will have a platform to get together and discuss everything..yes I mean everything..eventhough the blog titled 'SAHAM8993' but as you can see there is a chatbox being provided..I love to see everybody to come and visit the blog to have a chat..not just matters related to any stock market tips, rumours, insider news etc. but also regarding futsal match, weddings, newly births etc..this blog is about LIFE...

So why am I promoting to invest in Bursa Malaysia???As most of you know, I am not an acountant nor a financier, and I don't know shit about accountings..But I have the desire and lust to MONEY..(by the way, I am not writer, please excuse the bad grammar or do you expect from an engineer..)..what matters most is I love the stock market..and I would like to share my experience with all of you..and I am not selling anything to you..please bear in experience and thoughts are for free and I have never assigned anybody as an agent to collect any consultancy fee for me (hahaha..I will collect them from MOI only..zaki you'll know what I mean..)


First, I'm sorry to tell you guys I don't believe in Get Rich Quick Scheme or any 'Skim Cepat Kaya' to name few (you know lah)..and I don't believe in commodity tradings as well, especially the ones that are based in any fancy or gambler's haven island eg: Macau, Bahamas, Jamaica, Hong Kong etc..why? it is don't know where you invest your money in the case of the 'Cepat Kaya Skim', whether the returns are 'halal' or not...for commodities, you're actually not buying anything..for example Forex're just buying numbers based on charts..and furthermore, Islam does not practise the selling or buying of is haram as in RIBA'.

So why in stock market especially Bursa Malaysia?

Easy..tolonglah company dalam Malaysia you know why company going public? It is all because of they need money.. as simple as that..they need money to expand, they need our money to pay of debt etc. etc. In return to investors, they will give dividends, bonuses or capital repayments as token of gratitude to shareholders like us..Most of you should've known about it anyway..especially the guys that working directly under Zeti, Keng, Q, and bankers like Reza, Kintobi etc. etc.

Why Bursa 2007?

First: Election is expected to be far as most of analysts predicted (minus Razak Baginda), the election should be held in the 1st quarter that another old boy will not have the chance to compete..Based on previous history, (by the way, in stock markets..history will always repeat itself..remember), the market will go up prior to any election..the political parties need money..and a huge pile of money will come from the market..

Second: 9MP just rolled out..contracts already awarded to contractors..and by end of 2007, simply the contractors will be paid accordingly to the progress of projects..these will be reflected in their ledgers or apa org panggil..tanya accountants lah..every thing will look good..instead of red record book semua jad hitam balik...when the projects rolled out especially the IDR (Iskandar Developed Region or SJER) demands for cements, steel, timber, pipes, everthing that related to hardware supplies, increase.This will create a feel good factor among rakyats expecially commoners like us..true?

Third: Malaysian market has been lagging behind other market in Asia..for example Indonesia, Phillipines and the Vietnam..what I mean is for example Indonesia..they have increase more than 150% up to date since Mambang (opps Bambang) took over..where else, Malaysia market only up to about 40% level if I am not mistaken..thus this make our market still not overheated or overbought..

Fourth: Trust me and have faith..I have talked and attended many lectures..even the most experienced remisiers in town are expecting Bursa Malaysia to not to have a 'Bull Run' this year..instead they expected a Super Bull RUN!!just like in 93(that is why they say 1993 is the best year!!hahaha..and for your the beginning of 1994, the market crash so bad...I will tell you about it many stories that is so brutal and that we will learn from it..)

Fifth reasons and so on: Ada banyak lagi reasons..tapi dah tak larat nak type lagi..

On the contrary: US economy is a bit of slowdown this year..housing markets are slowing down in the US, the fear of recession is even heatened up by statement from the ex Fed Boss, Alan Greenspan, Americans econonomy is slowing down and number of jobless rising..

It is up yo you guys to decide...Till then.


At April 1, 2007 at 7:40 AM , Blogger zaki said...

Cayala...good introduction / mukadimah....harap-harap can be entice our colleagues to start and learn investing.....


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