Sunday, April 1, 2007


Damansara Realty Berhad (DBHD)

Rumours received: KPJ will build a hospital in Middle East (most probably Dubai) and DBHD will get the contract.
Besides that, Johor Corp the major shareholder of DBHD & Johor Land (JLAND) wanted to merge both the companies..but still on the table. Most probably, Tan Sri Ali Hashim will make the announcement on 6th Apr 2007.
Pak Lah will announce further IDR incentives on 14th April. As DBHD & JCORP has quite a number of landbanks in Johor, the announcement will help boost the investor confidence in IDR related/ property counters.
Another plan for DBHD is also to make it private and replace with REIT (real estate investment trust).
DBHD initial rumours target was RM0.50.However, that had already been achieved and the next target rumoured to be RM0.80 by year end.

Once again, buy at your own risk and please look for the best buy price..


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